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A & D Vitamins

Nature’s Bounty D3-1000IU

 4,375.00  4,201.31
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Nature’s Bounty D3-2000IU

 2,795.00  2,684.04
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Nature’s Bounty D3 – 5000IU

 3,500.00  3,465.00
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Nature’s Bounty D3-10,000IU

 2,995.00  2,965.05
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Baby Food & Formula

Bellakt 1 Milk Powder 400g

 1,000.00  990.00
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Bellakt 2 Milk Powder 400g

 1,000.00  990.00
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Bellakt 3 Milk Powder 400g

 1,150.00  1,138.50
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Cerelac 3 Fruit

 750.00  742.50
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Cerelac Nature Date 175G

 500.00  495.00
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Nutritional Foods and Drinks

Depiwhite Peel Off Mask

 3,149.00  3,117.51
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Ensure Nutrivigor 400g

 2,210.00  2,187.90
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Ensure Powder Chocolate 400g

 1,768.51  1,750.82
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Ensure Powder Chocolate 850g

 3,827.00  3,788.73
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Mother Care

Enfamama A+ Chocolate 400 gm

 3,850.00  3,811.50
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Enfamama A+ Vanila 400 gm

 3,657.00  3,620.43
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Similac Mom 400g

 1,170.00  1,158.30
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Beurer Electric Breast Pump BY40

 19,500.00  19,305.00
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