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To be the preferred destination for individuals and entities across Pakistan seeking healthcare solutions and services; and become the benchmark for the healthcare industry through premium service and quality.


  • Improve lives by making high-quality medicines and pharmacy services available at all times everywhere
  • Provide easy and reliable access via swift home delivery at competitive prices
  • Educate, aware and inform stakeholders through extensive network of expert healthcare providers for your wellbeing


Honestyin our work, towards our employees and our customers

Trustgenuine, authentic medicines and healthcare products with rigorous quality check for counterfeit and expired products

Timelinessefficient process development for swift order placement and on-time delivery

Well-being: improve quality of life by providing quality products, delivered by knowledgeable, dedicated, and helpful service providers

Excellence: constant pursuit of excellence in every facet of our work


Basic Description

Medonline.pk is an online health solution providing, specializing in pharmaceuticals and healthcare products in Pakistan. It offers prescription medications, medical supplies, medical devices, and skin and oral care products to keep you healthy.




Pakistan is part of the developing world – a country that ranks high on all the wrong indices. High infant and maternal mortality rate, lack of access to basic education, environmental degradation and pollution, corruption are some of the problems that beset our society. In many parts of Pakistan, the standards of health and sanitation are at barely acceptable levels. It is commonplace for children to die in rural areas because they don’t have access to something as basic as ORS. The situation is the same in areas on the outskirts of major metropolises like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

The situation is equally appalling in terms of awareness regarding basic healthcare. People are often ignorant of simple ways to avoid problems; often times myths and beliefs result in the situation going from bad to worse. One example of this is the population problem and high density because a large chunk of our population believes using contraceptives violates our belief. Attacks against polio workers administering vaccines, mostly in impoverished regions, is also reflective of such misplaced ideas.

The situation is indeed alarming and requires corrective action. The onus falls on those with the resources and the wherewithal to come up with solutions to address some if not all the problems that face the majority of the populace.


Driven by a unique outlook where problems are viewed as opportunity, a group of individuals decided to do something. Working within limitations and confined by economic considerations, it was determined that a possibility existed where this situation could be exploited in a manner where the beneficiaries would be the impoverished and the affected as well as well-off individuals. The novel solution was the creation of an online pharmacy and healthcare services provider, delivering high-quality medicines and equipment to patients and customers across Pakistan.

Thus, MedOnline.pk was born.

With a lofty vision envisaged by socially conscientious businessmen, MedOnline.pk aims to turn into a profitable venture, leveraging technology and the growth in ecommerce, in order to provide a valuable service to society.

By placing emphasis on supply and demand, the business hopes to ensure that they have the stock of all the required medicines, pharmaceutical items and oral and skin care products, in particular managing supply and maintaining prices during periods of outbreak. It is an attempt to ensure that no entity is able to exploit such a situation for commercial benefit at the expense of the customer.


Once MedOnline.pk establishes itself as the primary source of healthcare products and service for the people of Karachi and then the rest of Pakistan, it will expand into providing expert healthcare facilities, including a free 24-hour helpline that will provide guidance on what medicine or treatment and a mobile dispensary that travels to far-off areas to provide medical support.

Another area where MedOnline.pk intends to stand apart from other online stores providing medicines and healthcare services is its emphasis on awareness creation regarding healthcare issues, medical problems, first-aid, life-saving drugs, communicable diseases and general information.

A series of interventions including workshops and seminars conducted by medical experts will be held, particularly in far-off areas, aimed at helping people improve their lives, take basic steps for improving health and sanitation, understand their own problems better, and be able to live longer lives.


Another aspect of MedOnline.pk is its relentless fight against witchdoctors and charlatans, plying their trade across Pakistan, selling ‘cures’ to unsuspecting individuals. We are committed to creating awareness through interventions regarding this malaise, educating people about the dangers such individuals, like self-proclaimed Pirs and Amils pose.

Similarly, MedOnline.pk is fighting a war against counterfeit medicines that are a major concern of consumers. We at MedOnline.pk get our supply from manufacturers or their authorized distributors to ensure that our products are original and authentic.

But we know our customers and fellow citizens are susceptible to such problems. We counter this menace through information dissemination, exhorting individuals to be rigorous when purchasing medicines. Simple acts such as checking the expiry date can go a long way in ensuring you get the right medicine. You can always call us if you want us to hold a particular workshop or seminar in your locality, and we will make sure to conduct one or facilitate it.




Medonline.pk is an online medical store in Pakistan to meet your pharmaceutical needs on time and at the comfort of your home. Prescribed drugs, health devices, personal care, and oral care, Medonline.pk has everything for your health and care. We aim to look after your health effortlessly with fast delivery to the corners of the city, around the clock. Following a strict marketplace model enables Medonline.pk to deliver authentic and original medicines as only authorized drug manufacturers and distributors make it to the store.

In a society where fake medicines and wrong medicinal information is prevalent, Medonline.pk delivers reliable, safe, and affordable medicines to its consumers. Antibiotics, anti-allergies, cardiac, cancer, asthma, blood pressure, cold and cough, and gynecology and much more, we have what you might need to treat your disease. Apart from the myriad of medicines, we also offer medical devices like glucometers, blood pressure monitors and oral care products, nutrition supplements, orthopedic care products and much more.

Instead of reaching and waiting at the medical store, log on to Medonline.pk and order the needed medicines within a few minutes and get it at your doorstep within few hours. We guarantee safe and timely delivery as we care about each life and health.