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First Aid Box

First Aid Box

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  1. First Aid Box - MedOnline First Aid Box - MedOnline


    1 - Flagyl Tab 400mg - 10 Tablets 
    1 - Panadol Tab 500 mg - 10 Tablets 
    1 - Brufen Tab 400 mg - 10 Tablets
    1 - Ponstan Forte Tab 500 mg - 10 Tablets
    1 - Disprin 300 mg - 10 Tablets
    1 - Polyfax Oint Skin - 20 gm
    1 - Arinac Forte Tab 400/60 mg - 10 Tablets
    1 - Saniplast Antiseptic Bandage - 20 Pieces
    2 - Pearl White Cotton Bandage
    1 - Pearl White Cotton Roll Asian Fibre - 25gm
    1- Dettol Soln - 50 mL
    1 - High - C 1000 Powd - Orange Flavour - 10 Sachet
    1 - Cicatrin Powder 20gm
    1 - Scissor

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3 Item(s)

Medonline.pk brings you both custom made and branded first aid box. From domestic needs to your corporate requirements, the first aid boxes available have all the emergency details that you need. A combination of both first responder basic kit and immediate pain relievers, the listed items have passed necessary quality tests and all the items present are as per the advice of experts. A must to have around in your place, the combination of items help you overcome accidents and misadventures. Make sure you are ordering one through our daily delivery service so that you are not made to wait even a day more.

Medonline’s Custom First Aid Box

Not ready to trust any other brand? Medonline.pk brings you the ease of first aid through its custom organized first aid box. Available in two different sizes, the Medonline exclusive gets all the necessities in detail. Once ordered, Medonline makes sure the all the placed medicines and other equipment comes from the latest batch, extending the shelf life of the box. You can easily order online the first aid box and if lucky can even get some discounts. Want to know more about our first boxes? Scroll through the section or simply chat to us live.