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Cough Cold & Flu

Cough Cold & Flu

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  1. Swiss Pharma

    Size: 120 mL

    Regular Price: Rs.28.00

    Special Price Rs.25.76

  2. Reckitt

    Size - 30 Tablets

    Regular Price: Rs.90.00

    Special Price Rs.82.80

  3. Reckitt

    Size - 150 Tablets

    Regular Price: Rs.525.00

    Special Price Rs.483.00

  4. Reckitt

    Size - 6 Tablets

    Regular Price: Rs.20.00

    Special Price Rs.18.40

  5. Reckitt

    Size - 90 Tablets

    Regular Price: Rs.225.00

    Special Price Rs.207.00

  6. Ardin

    Power - 0.5 mg
    Size - 1000 Tablets

    Regular Price: Rs.235.00

    Special Price Rs.216.20

  7. Ankaz

    Product is permanently discontinued from the Manufacturer.

    Regular Price: Rs.43.00

    Special Price Rs.39.56

  8. Ankaz

    Size - 60 mL

    Regular Price: Rs.19.00

    Special Price Rs.17.48

  9. Semos

    Size: 120 mL

    Regular Price: Rs.38.00

    Special Price Rs.34.96

  10. Semos

    Size: 450 mL

    Regular Price: Rs.50.00

    Special Price Rs.46.00

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Items 1 to 10 of 137 total

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A country blessed with all four seasons, the shift from one to other attracts regular viral infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract that that primarily affect the whole body. Cough, cold and flu are just some of them. While the list also include coughing, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, headache, and fever. A common and very regular, catching cold and flu can be real time frustrating. After all who likes keep to wiping nose 24/7 with a tissue paper or handkerchief? You can buy medicines from a number sources, both online and offline.

Choose From A Variety

With a variety of options to choose from, Medonline.pk is here to give you what you need at an affordable price. No running to the pharmacy with that flowing nose and aching head, sit back and relax, Medonline.pk brings you medicines at affordable prices. You can choose from syrups to pills and from creams to powdered formulas, we have it all. For more information and selection of cough, cold and flu medicine products, please speak to one of our qualified staff & pharmacists online, who are here to answers any questions you may have.